10 things you should know when getting a job in digital marketing

job in digital marketing

So you want a job in digital marketing?

I’m not surprised. Marketing has long been a sought after career for creative types and extroverts, looking to leave their mark with the next big creative campaign.

The opportunities digital marketing brings are endless, offering a new expansive toolkit for marketers to broaden their horizons and extend their creative reach.

But, as with all technologies, it’s a double-edged sword.

Tools and techniques are constantly changing and evolving. Digital marketers must grow to stay ahead of the curve or they’ll find themselves left in the dust.

Digital marketing is a competitive field and a career that many creatives lust after. We spoke to Feria Kazemi from Broadband Genie to find out what you need to know when applying for that dream job.

To help you keep ahead of the pack, here are some key things you should know and do when getting a job in digital marketing:

1. Know your toolbox

Analytics, social media, blogs… you name it, there are countless tools available to digital marketers today. While just about anyone can use these tools, it takes a skilled digital marketer to know which is best to use and when. When it comes to digital, it’s not quantity that gains traction, but quality.

 2. Stay abreast of the latest trends and campaigns

Gone are the days of Wall Street’s (m)ad men. Digital marketers today need more than creative campaign imagery to capture attention. Some of today’s best campaigns integrate multiple digital and traditional channels to ensure brand cohesion across the board. The best way digital marketers can learn from these latest campaign tactics is to follow industry news and publications.

3. Never forget that data is your friend

Ahh numbers, the bane of any marketer’s existence. While digital marketers may feel this way, let’s face it numbers matter. Measuring likes, comments, shares, and other engagements are key for all digital marketers and analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, can help. Focus on the trends in the data and it’ll reveal more information than you can imagine to help you achieve your goals.

4. Write compelling content, persuasively

This goes without saying. If you’re a marketer, digital or otherwise, it’s at the core of your job.

5. WordPress, MailChimp and Google Analytics are the new basics

Ditch the Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook skills. Those have been standard since the start of the new millennium. Focus on the new basics, WordPress, MailChimp and Google Analytics. Learn them, know them, and use them.

6. There’s more to social than publishing posts

Scheduling – sounds like a digital marketer’s dream right? Schedule a post, blog, tweet and watch it work its magic… or not. Pushing out content is the quickest way to make your digital marketing strategies lose their steam. Never forget that engagement and interaction are instantaneous and organic. While scheduling a few posts and pushing content can fill space, true growth in digital marketing comes from authentic and compelling content.

7. SEO

If you don’t know what this acronym means, then you may want to learn it before getting a job in digital marketing. You don’t have to be an expert in search engine optimisation (SEO), but knowing the basics can help you leverage it for your organisation. Learn the basics like keywords, title tags, meta descriptions and how to make it work for your organisation’s search engine rankings.

8. Google AdWords and Facebook Ads

You won’t become a Google AdWords or Facebook Ads master overnight, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right? AdWords and Facebook Ads are a great way to drive traffic, get leads and generate sales.

9. Show off your creativity

Like marketing, digital marketing is about compelling, creative and persuasive content. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your campaign strategies and tactics. Think differently and it will stand out.

10. Be flexible

The digital world is instantaneous, organic and on 24/7, meaning digital marketers must be as well. While you don’t need to spend all your time online, staying on top of current events, trends, and keeping connected will help you succeed as a digital marketer.

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Cynthia nolan

This article encapsulates the true essence from my experience in digital marketing. There is now a level of geek in the new age marketeer.

Thank you for sharing

ujwal pandit

First of all, being bored at work does pay well if you have a Smartphone and you browse through blogs.Amazing information with facts thoughtfully incorporated within. Definitely going to come back for more! 🙂

Andrew Rutherford

I was searching over search engines for digital media recruitment and found your blog site. Well I like your high quality posting abilities. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up.


Yes, marketing in general and SEO&PPC is a non-stop world of changes. What works today, tomorrow is not anymore or it does not in the same way. To start a job and getting involved in Google Ads can be really bad and painful if you don’t have the knowledge. So, I would not say that it is a good start.


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