3 weeks in the life of a ‘Brand’ new Recruitment Resourcer

These last few weeks have really been a whirlwind. I never thought it was possible to feel ‘at home’ in a work environment, until I met Brand…

You’ve probably heard about offices with pool tables, snug areas and bean bags, blah blah blah…but you’ve not heard anything yet.

As you initially walk into the Brand HQ you’re met with a large illuminated neon sign and I’ve got to say it makes quite the impact.

You’re surrounded by plants of every shape and size and extravagant art pieces which are hanging from the walls. You only think “office spaces” like this belong in movies but hear me when I tell you that companies like this do exist, and I am the walking, talking evidence.

We’re based just outside of Cambridge, in a small village called Shelford. It has some quaint pubs, a deli just up the street and a great little outdoor space to eat my lunch in the sun. I was off to a great start; little did I know what was to come – but I’ll talk more about that later.

I wouldn’t exactly describe myself as techy, some may even say that I let my generation down a little. I can hold up my hands and say proudly that it’s not my forte. So, after blaming telephone issues (when I actually just had myself on mute the entire time) and fumbling my way around the database, I know right, am I 80!? You might wonder how on earth I’ve already been able to secure a couple of interviews for the roles I’m working on, but I have. (Go me!)

Now and then I wonder why not everyone is in recruitment, to feel that sense of euphoria and accomplishment when finding the right candidates for our roles. I’m yet to make a placement but I can’t wait for the day. Safe to say the tedious self-muting was paying off! Before I knew it, I had two more candidates lined up, it feels great.

I spoke earlier about the work environment that comes along with being apart of ‘Brand Recruitment but that wasn’t even half of it. I have been here for just over 3 weeks and during my time, I’ve been wined and dined with a Greek feast, raced around a go-karting track, kindly gifted a bottle of champagne, and FINALLY been told we’re being whisked away for the weekend to Seville in Spain! Did your jaw just drop? I know mine has.

Hand on heart this is not a sales pitch, this is real, I experienced this and yes, I am still asking myself how. If this is what I get after a couple of interviews, then who knows what could be in store when the placements start to roll in?

In all seriousness, recruitment is known to be a bit of a rollercoaster, and while this is true and there are bad days among the good, I feel lucky to be part of such a welcoming team, navigating new territory in a new role – I don’t want to get off this ride anytime soon.


Written by,

Ella Cain – Brand Recruitment Resourcer 

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