5 ways to have fun in the office this Christmas

Whether you’re counting down the days until you finish for the Christmas break, or you’re frantically trying to get your work done before the New Year, it’s important to embrace the festive period in the office.

After all, ‘tis the season to be jolly, unwind a little and take yourself a bit less seriously! And while this doesn’t mean you can turn your office into an après-ski bar, there’s plenty of other ways to have fun in the office this Christmas. So, read on for some top tips!

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1.     Organise a ‘Secret Santa’

Nothing says festive cheer than a ‘Secret Santa’ between colleagues. Nominate someone to take the lead and make a list of everyone that wants to get involved. Then, all you need to do is ask your employees to pick a name out of a hat and buy them a gift – simple!

Set a price limit so you don’t put anyone off joining in – around £5 should be enough. The presents can be funny or meaningful and you can set a date and time where you’ll all open your presents in front of one another.

If you work in a big office, you could split your ‘Secret Santa’ by team, department or even by floor. It’s definitely a great way to have fun in the office and get everyone involved. Especially if your an employer and can’t afford to offer a Christmas bonus.

2.     Share some festive snacks

Let’s face it – we all love to eat. So why not bring in some festive snacks for your team. You might even choose to do a ‘desk drop’, where you leave some Christmas chocolate or an advent calendar on their desk before they come in for the day.

If you have the budget, you could treat your team to a Christmas lunch – this is a great option for rewarding your employees after a year of hard work.

And even if your company doesn’t have the budget, you might find that everyone is willing to pay to get out of the office, socialise with their colleagues and eat some nice festive food.

3.     Decorate your desk

Don’t just leave the tree decorating at home – have fun in the office this Christmas by jazzing up your workspace or putting up a tree in the communal area.

Nothing screams festivities like a tacky bit of tinsel or some twinkly lights, so why not get into the Christmas spirit and encourage your colleagues to join in too. One of our clients holds an annual desk decorating competition – we love this!

After all, if you want to stay motivated at work during the Christmas period, it will help if you’re in a jolly environment.

4.     Hold a company quiz

This is another great option that differs to the usual day-to-day work in the office. Your company quiz could include a mix of questions – from ones about your business (how long you’ve been established, fun facts about your directors etc.), to the usual quiz classics.

Again, this doesn’t need to come at an expense. All you need to do is gather everyone together in one place. If your company is too big for this, why not split it into two sessions.

Throw a little budget into a prize for the winner and runners up if you can – this is a great incentive and a nice little Christmas surprise for employees.

5.     Play your favourite tunes

Whether you normally play music in your workplace, or you’re doing it as a one-off, treating your employees to a bit of music can make the office feel a lot more relaxed.

Make a collaborative playlist and pick a theme – it could be that everyone adds a song and you have to guess whose song it is. Alternatively, keep it to a Christmas theme!

Anything you can do to make the environment more fun and relaxed this Christmas can go a long way, and even help with workplace wellbeing at this time of year.

Have fun in the office this Christmas

Over all, these are just some ways in which you can have fun in the office this Christmas. Small tokens like festive food, fun activities and music in the office can make a real difference and ensure that your team/employees aren’t working themselves to the ground ahead of the Christmas break.

So take some of our advice on board and you’ll ensure that your employees stay motivated and passionate about your business!

Check out what we’ve been up to the festive period over on our Instagram!

What does your company do at Christmas? Or what other ideas would you add to this list?


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