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A Cambridge based company has seen it’s augmented reality software ‘Aurasma’ feature in the media spotlight this week in the form of Jamie Oliver’s new cook book launch as well as for clothing retailer Forever 21 and the software’s capabilities are likely to be a hot topic amongst those in online marketing jobs.

Aurasma is a new piece of technology which aims to combine the virtual and physical worlds together. The software is able to recognise images using the camera on smart devices and is then able to launch digital content upon recognising the image. The digital content is then shown in real time and can be in the form of a video, web page or animation.

Jamie Oliver is the first chef known to have used the new mobile technology as a way to engage with people and to encourage more people to cook. Channel 4 has launched an app which is Aurasma enabled to go with the chef’s new book and TV series, ‘15 minute meals’. The Channel 4 app works when a smart device is pointed at any page within the new Jamie Oliver cook book the digital content which includes the recipes as digital meal cards featuring the ingredients and nutritional information.

The clothing brand Forever 21 has also used the image recognition technology on its store windows, customers using the F21POP app which features the Aurasma technology can then see these store fronts come to life through exclusive videos of the collections being modeled. The online retailer NET-A-PORTER also used a similar strategy to promote its clothing ranges at the start of the year.

The success of this new form of digital content is likely to have an effect on the number of brands adopting this technology and it is likely to become a more common form of digital content over the coming months.

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A YouTube video featuring Jamie Oliver’s 15-Minute Meals with Aurasma can be seen here.

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