Apple achieves the status of UK’s ‘coolest brand’

Apple has recently been named BrandZ ‘coolest brand’, replacing Aston Martin which has topped the last six annual surveys. It can be said that current Brand Manager jobs are seen as the foundation of how the public are influenced by what we perceive as ‘cool’. It is clear that Apple have developed a well established brand identity that their customers can really relate to. Apple provides a variety of technology ranging from downloadable music at only 99p on iTunes to Mac Book Pros costing from around £1,000, giving them a wide customer range. Here at Brand Recruitment we advertise a number of Brand Manager jobs which require candidates to use their perception skills in order to capture the desires of its intended customers. In today’s consumer market relating to people’s obsession with being ‘cool’ is proving key.

Another stand out brand on the list is Youtube, which has soared from 10th to 2nd place being one of four free brands on this year’s list compared to just two last year, suggesting how our interests are shifting from luxury designer brands to more liberated affordable brands that can be shared with others. Last year the top 20 list consisted of various fashion designer brands which it appears to be lacking this year, suggesting they’re not as ‘cool’ as they used to be.

Twitter has also shot into the top 20 list, currently dominating the social media field, taking over the previously more popular Facebook, showing how what’s seen as ‘cool’ is however continually fluctuating. It can be said that Apple has a competitive advantage with their respected ‘cool’ title, which may have been aided by its popularity in the social media world. There are on average around 10,000 tweets a week about how cool Apple and its products are. Social media is becoming an increasingly effective way for businesses to communicate with the public, Brand Recruitment are a regular user of this popular networking site.

Brand Recruitment work with a number of big brands across the Eastern Region, including Leicestershire, Hertfordshire and Northants. For more details on our latest Brand Manager jobs please see our website.

The official top 20 CoolBrands list:

Aston Martin
BBC iPlayer
Virgin Atlantic
Bang & Olufsen
Ben & Jerry’s

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