B2B Marketing Vs Puppies

Everyone loves puppies…or at least I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t have a bit of a ‘soft spot’ for them.

Soft and cuddly, they bring a smile to the face of almost everyone. Even when having a bad day, a puppy picture here or a puppy video there will sort you out!

B2B Marketing Vs Puppies


B2C marketing used to be the puppy of the marketing world.

When I grow up I want to make adverts mummy…I want to work with big brands and develop catchy slogans. I want to make a name for myself in the wide world of marketing and B2C is where it’s at”.

Thank goodness there’s been a shift…

B2B marketing is the new ‘gem’ for many making waves in marketing. The big players in marketing are now the lead generators, the money makers and the sales transformers.

B2B marketing is so much more than just developing your brand and putting yourself out there. It’s developing a series of messages and coaching your customers through a journey down the sales funnel.

Instead of products being an impulse buy on a shop shelf, and instead of seeing the product and just giving it a try, B2B customers are nurtured and softly spoken to over a long period of time.

B2B buyers tend to have a number of options and products, all with a long list of product features and benefits, so why would they choose a particular option. The way the products are communicated and the customer’s needs are addressed, pre-sale, through marketing is absolutely vital. This is especially the case for products or services with a long sales cycle. Engagement, engagement, engagement…

I listened to a talk from a senior marketing guru from BT last week at the B2B Marketing Conference (I’ll use this opportunity to say a big thanks to Cambridge Marketing College and On The Edge Live for organising such a great event!) …he described the process as being more akin to account management, when developing these customers through to a potential ‘deal signing status’. This really stuck with me as it’s something many people at the top of the marketing tree preach about, but until now, I hadn’t really thought about in that much depth.

Does B2C marketing allow this level of customer nurturing…? Certainly not, or at least, nowhere near to this level. Now that B2B organisations have become more open to creative campaigns and creating a bit of a ‘buzz’ around products, B2B marketers have the best of both worlds. Leads nurturing, and creative input.

B2B marketing is moving, quickly!

We’re seeing an increasing amount of roles coming through and very honestly, there are less candidates in the market. B2B marketing people should be really proud of the work they’re doing currently and the way that B2B marketing is being transformed. There are less people in the market due to companies wanting to keep hold of strong marketing talent. The value is evident and the proof of what B2B marketing is doing to nurture those customers is real.

So, in conclusion…if B2C marketing is the ‘puppy’, I’d be choosing B2B marketing every time.

If puppies, are just puppies…vs B2B Marketing, unfortunately I’d go for puppies, because nobody can resist a puppy.

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