Big consumer Brands are trotting along with the current horse meat scandal…

As you may have already heard, the horse meat scandal has been crucially spreading across the media and there is a wide variety of consumer brands involved in the outrage, including the previously popular ready-meal brand Findus. The big question for many of these big named brands is whether they can in fact recover from the situation. Many current customers are now classing them as ‘toxic’, being severely put off buying any further products. After finding out that one of Findus’ beef lasagnes contained 100% horsemeat, it was removed from the shelves, potentially leading to the suffering sales of their other products. Although it appears the situation has hit many brands involved hard, other Brand Managers have leapt onto the band wagon and used the crisis as an opportunity to side with the public and increase their own following.

Big names such as Virgin Media have taken light upon the situation at hand, having recently unleashed a spoof apology for promising films starring cows but instead showing horses. Their apology begins ‘At Virgin Media, we pride ourselves on delivering what we promise…But sometimes, we make mistakes, and when we do, we owe it to our customers to put our hands up and apologise..’ The apology encourages those alarmed to Tweet using the hashtag #Mooovies in a bid to increase their social media views.

Another twist that has arisen from the scandal involves campaigners at ‘PETA’ (The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) who have been using the situation to point out to the public that if eating horse meat is wrong then why isn’t eating any source of meat. A recent article published by the organisation states ‘We absolutely agree with the British public that turning horses into burgers is outrageous – but is it really more shocking than doing the same to cows?’ This is perhaps one of their less extreme campaigns reaching into a more psychological aspect of the public’s opinions.

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