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The digital world is experiencing the recent growing trend of ‘dual screening’, which involves people using devices such as laptops and smartphones whilst watching TV. This is therefore providing a new opportunity for brands to increase engagement with their consumers. With people’s 21st century busy lifestyles, multi tasking has always been an essential part of our daily lives and it is now becoming a regular occurrence to do so whilst relaxing in front of the TV. This is giving brands the chance to truly engage with an audience who want social and entertaining experiences whilst watching their favourite TV shows. The timeless idea of being ‘glued’ to the TV screen appears to be phasing out as brands are already capitalising on the trend by providing extra entertainment to their futuristic audiences.

Examples of this interaction include popular TV shows such as The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea, where both ITV and Channel 4 are encouraging their viewers to interact with the shows social media networks on Facebook and Twitter. The Only Way Is Essex acquired around 50,000 tweets in the first two weeks of October when encouraging viewers to use their hashtags, according to the monitoring company Brandwatch. Another popular example being Heineken, who have produced an app that enables people to play along with football matches as they are broadcasted.

However, this kind of multitasking appears to be more popular with the younger generation, with 39% of 18 to 24 year olds dividing their attention between their mobile phone, TV or tablet, so it is vitally important for brands to be getting the genre of programmes right for their target audiences.

In order to coordinate with this new digital world, Microsoft have of course developed the newly launched Windows 8, which they claim will give marketers the chance to communicate with their customers ‘in a whole new way’. They have specifically designed it so that if someone has an app on one device this same app will also work on any other device. This enables brands to communicate with its consumers at a wider range, providing them with the opportunity to take advantage of what Windows 8 has to offer. In particular those who are able to get apps on sale quickly, as there is currently little to choose from in the Windows Store, therefore those new apps that are available will instantly attract downloads.

It is clear that technology is being launched into yet another futuristic era as these new digital devices are being further developed and widely used. It is said that this is to continue into next year as 2013 prompts even further development of these mobile devices, therefore making it essential for brands and their online marketers to keep up to speed with the ever changing latest technology!

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