Cambridge is one of the best paying cities in the UK

Cambridge has been named as one of the highest paying cities in the UK by a recent report from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), which analysed salaries across the country. The report also highlighted that the East of England also has the highest employment rate in the UK, 74.7%.

London was found to be the highest paying city, with workers in the capital earning on average £43,189. This comes as no surprise as the city is home to the high-paying financial district, where the average salary is over £90k.

The ONS annual survey compares salaries across different occupations, regions and industries to come up with an overall representation of salaries across the UK. The ONS has previously found that Marketing Managers are amongst the highest paid, earning on average approximately £57k.

Brand Recruitment, a specialist marketing and PR recruitment agency, have recently launched their annual marketing salary review which compares the salaries of marketing jobs across the Eastern region. This review has found similar results as those found by the ONS and has highlighted an increase in marketing managers’ salaries from 2010/2011 to 2011/2012, with a 12.98% increase in salary to £44,155. This increase reflects the changing nature of a marketing managers’ job role over this period, as this role now often encompasses offline and online marketing as well as more of the other specialisms of marketing such as events and CRM.

The review also found that Cambridgeshire is the county within the East of England that paid the highest on average; this supports the ONS report and reflects the strong job market in Cambridgeshire. The salary review also compared salaries across different sectors and found that FMCG/Retail salaries were the highest on average for marketing roles, paying 4.93% above the average. Unsurprisingly, the Not-For-Profit/Charity sector pays -6.33% below the average, considerably less than other sectors.

Over the last year Brand Recruitment has noticed an increase in the number of companies looking to fill marketing jobs and continues to work with a wide variety of companies ranging from global FMCG giants to companies in the Not-For-Profit/Charity sector.

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