Watch The Marketing Meetup 22 – Cambridge

The Marketing Meetup 22 – Cambridge

The Generation That Doesn’t Care & Creating A Movement + Anointing Heroes

Tuesday 4th September 2018

Watch the most recent The Marketing Meetup in Cambridge – whether you were unable to attend on the night, were curious as to what The Marketing Meetups were all about, wanted to share the meetup experience with a colleague, or you just enjoyed the talks so much you wanted to watch them all over again!

The fantastic speakers on the night were:
Harry Seaton, Fluential: Making the Generation That Doesn’t Care, Care
James Parton, The Bradfield Centre: Creating a Movement & Anointing Heroes

A big thank you to Somersault for filming and putting together this video for your viewing pleasure.

Interested in attending the next meetup event? Find out more at The Marketing Meetup.

Did you know there is also The Marketing Meetup podcast and speaker slides available from past events?

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