Watch The Marketing Meetup 23 – Cambridge

The Marketing Meetup 23 – Cambridge

To blog or not – it’s not really a question & Fireside Comms

Tuesday 2nd October 2018

Watch the most recent The Marketing Meetup in Cambridge – whether you were unable to attend on the night, were curious as to what The Marketing Meetups were all about, wanted to share the meetup experience with a colleague, or you just enjoyed the talks so much you wanted to watch them all over again!

The fantastic speakers on the night were:

Jeremy Knight, Equinet: To blog or not – it’s not really a question
Faye Holland, Cofinitive: Fireside chat: comms and marketing

A big thank you to Somersault for filming and putting together this video for your viewing pleasure.

Interested in attending a marketing meetup near you? Find out more at The Marketing Meetup.

Did you know there is also The Marketing Meetup podcast and speaker slides available from past events?

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