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Interview, Presentation and CV Tips for Job-Seekers

CV Tips

As the go-to specialist recruitment agency for PR and marketing job-seekers across the Central and Eastern Region, and as experts in all aspects of the recruitment process; we want to help our candidates to get their ideal job as best as we can.

Passing on interview and CV feedback from employers is something our recruitment consultants do on a daily basis, and so being able to provide useful interview advice and CV tips to our candidates is something we know quite a lot about. This is why we have compiled our years of experience and valuable recruitment insight to put together some useful candidate advice!

We understand that if you are perhaps someone who has been working at the same company for a long period of time it will probably have been several years since you last sent your CV anywhere, and so the thought of having to write a new one may seem pretty daunting.

Our CV tips will help you to write the CV that’s going to get you noticed by a potential employer. We cover everything from common myths to when to tailor your CV to specific roles.

We also appreciate that the idea of a job interview may seem a bit nerve-wracking, particularly to someone who may be a recent graduate with little interview experience, looking for their first full-time PR or marketing job.

Our interview tips should help you to conquer those nerves and make a good impression! In this section we offer interview advice from body language to the types of questions you might be able to expect in an interview. We also have put together presentation tips, as these often form part of the interview process for many marketing jobs. You can also take a look at our working with us video to make sure we can help you as best as we can.

Our candidate advice will be beneficial for those of you who are looking for marketing jobs and are therefore making your CV and job-search marketing focused, as well as those of you who just need a bit of general job-seeker CV tips and advice!