The Interview

Remember that research shows that over 50% of an initial impression is made through what we are wearing, how we carry ourselves and our composure. Furthermore, whilst ‘what’ we say is important, how we say it is equally important.

  • First impressions count – enter the room with your head held high, make good eye contact with everyone you meet, and shake their hands firmly
  • Sit with your head held high, do not fold your arms, and be conscious of hand gesticulations.
  • Do not fiddle with your hair, tie, pen etc.
  • Maintain eye contact with interviewers. When addressing them, focus on their eyes for a split second, and then let the focus soften so you do not ‘stare them out’. Practice this with a friend to get it right.
  • Primarily address your responses to the person who asked the question, yet do also engage any other interviewers with eye contact whilst responding.
  • Feel free to smile and nod, yet do not do either excessively, or out of turn.
  • Often more professional interviewers will have the main interviewer in front of you, with another to the side of you whose main job is to observe you. Do not feel intimidated by this, and remember to allocate some of your eye contact to them – and, again, do not feel intimidated or upset if they do not reciprocate with a smile!
  • A word of warning for those tempted to ‘fib’ a little in interviews – often interviewers are trained in reading eye contact, and there are instinctive eye movements most humans cannot avoid making when they are lying or making something up. The company have chosen to see you for interview – don’t mess it up by telling a fib!
  • Try to avoid looking down during the interview – this can be seen as a sign of insecurity, doubt or representing a lack of confidence. Maybe take note of where your eyes go in day-to-day interactions and you will see how many times they flick downwards – become aware of this and endeavour to avoid it.

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