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A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketer

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In the age of smart phones, laptops and all things digital it is natural that marketing would have to adapt to account for the new formats of media that are available to attract customers and create brand awareness.

Just twenty-five years ago, phrases such as affiliate banners, click-through rates, social media and SEO would have been alien to us all, or at least the majority of us. Today, they are must-knows for anyone involved in marketing. The internet not only offers higher levels of accountability and traceability to anyone using it to promote their business, yet also a far more accessible way of direct marketing. In days gone by, even taking into account economies of scale, sending brochures or coupons was an expensive business once printing, managing and delivery had been taken into account. These days, it costs more or less the same to send an email to one thousand people as it would to send it to one million.

The new formats of promotion and positioning have formed a whole new sector of marketing with many sub-divisions, and this sector continues to grow and evolve. Strategies that worked just one year ago no longer work, the way consumers interact with companies, brands and products continue to change and managing the way in which this interaction takes place is big business.

Digital and online marketing jobs cover all formats of promotion, brand awareness and reputation management via the internet and email. As technology evolves, so does the digital marketing sector. Ten years ago, the average person on the street would not have known what an app was, or what it would become. Today apps are everywhere and their ease of use is steering consumers away from traditional internet browsing to more selective use of apps – a shift which empowers marketers to capitalise on this more focussed and purposeful type of user.

As with any industry, there is no way of defining the various digital marketing jobs in one, precise way. The definitions below attempt to give a general outline of what each job entails; however, the digital marketing arena evolves so quickly that we may need a nudge to update them. If you have any suggestions to make, please find us on Twitter or email [email protected]

The following figures are taken from our Marketing Recruitment Review and Salary Survey 2016, showing the average digital marketing salaries and average salaries across different industry sectors.

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