Presentation Tips

You’ve tackled the CV hurdle, been successful during interview, you have the finish line in sight and then you hear the dreaded word: presentation. What do you do now? 

First of all do not panic – Brand Recruitment has found that marketing candidates are regularly being asked to carry out a presentation as part of the interview process. Take the presentation as an opportunity to highlight why you are the right person for the job. Whether or not presentations will form part of your role’s remit, the presentation will show if you can communicate and influence – effectively both of these skills are integral to any marketing job. 

What next? Take a look at our helpful tips on presentations:

We have split our advice into three sections: preparationpresentation time and then provided examples of presentation briefs. We hope you find this information useful, please contact one of our specialist consultants if you require further information.

Watch our useful Interview Presentation Tips video: