Examples of presentation briefs


Example 1

A key customer segment is not tracking to sales budget and a tactical growth campaign needs to be prepared to address this.

  • Please can you give an outline of the process you would go through in putting such a campaign together and what the key areas to consider are?
  • Provide examples of how you would treat a growth campaign with existing customers differently to a new customer acquisition campaign?
  • This is not restricted to any particular industry – If you find it easier to do so, please choose a company to use as an example.

We are looking to see that they understand all the elements involved in planning and implementing a campaign/marketing project.

Example 2

There’s an opportunity to reinvigorate our leisure brand members scheme.

Please outline how you would envisage reinvigorating the scheme (be as radical as you see fit):

  • What would the base loyalty scheme look like?
  • How would you engage stakeholders (from accountants through to serving staff) with your scheme re-design?
  • Going forwards which communication channels would you use to acquire and engage scheme members?
  • Offer some thoughts around new kinds of specific campaigns to supplement the base offer.
  • How would you measure the success of the scheme and drive future improvement?

Prepare a brief presentation (10 minutes) to highlight what you think makes a successful e-commerce website. Include your thoughts on how the current company’s e-commerce website could be improved.

Example 3

The FMCG company are launching a new product into the market. Explain how you would maximise sales at launch with a leading supermarket on a limited budget.