Presentation time

Dreaded nerves

  • Try to remain calm and do not let your nerves get the better of you. Employers often comment on nervous interviewees’ so do your best to be as relaxed as you can.
  • Make sure you take deep breaths before and throughout the presentation and if possible have a glass of water nearby to steady your nerves.
  • Speak slowly, even if it feels strange, this will help you communicate more clearly.
  • Take your time and be prepared to be interrupted. You could even check that everyone understands before moving onto your next slide so that you do not lose your trail of thought.

Presentations are visual so make sure you are too

  • Engage the audience where possible, encouraging involvement if they are not actively querying or asking questions.
  • Try to focus your attention and spread your eye contact around the group.
  • Dress smartly and try to be engaging. Use your hands (but don’t go overboard) and keep your voice confident and avoid sounding monotone.
  • Although presentations are formal, you also want to come across personable so make sure you know all of the interviewers’ names and their role before starting. Also thank them all for their time at the end of the presentation.

Presentations are challenging but then that is why you are being asked to do one. Relax and try to enjoy it! If you make sure you prepare and practice then your presentation will be perfection.