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Death of BOGOF

Death of the BOGOF. What does this mean for Brand Managers?

In February this year, Sainsbury’s became the first UK supermarket to announce the end of “Buy One, Get One Free” deals, thereby bringing to a close a trend which has become a commonplace in the UK retail scene. Many industry insiders have claimed that the move was made in anticipated response to a report from.

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OK… So you’re here and you pressed the button! You’ve started reading the blog… even though it said not to. This isn’t down the fact you’re feeling ‘a little naughty’, it’s because we, as human beings, are wired up to push the boundaries and venture into the unknown, our intrigue makes us want to seek.

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Why do experienced brand managers change jobs?

Brand management is one of the most sought after career paths within the consumer marketing world. In a nutshell, a modern day brand manager’s job invariably involves developing, communicating and implementing a brand plan, however, executing this successfully is much more complicated and involved than it may initially appear. It requires first class project management.

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What does a career in marketing involve?

If you are thinking about developing a career for yourself in marketing or want to know which paths there are to take now you have decided on your career – we are here to help! A career in marketing is full of opportunities and can open up several different avenues, which may leave you wondering.

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How would you define the meaning of Social Media?

We recently posted an entry on Twitter to our followers which stated “QUESTION: If you had to define the meaning of #SocialMedia in one or two words, what would you say? We like #Connecting...” as we were interested in hearing their thoughts. The responses were very interesting and sparked a generally positive outlook towards the usage.
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SodaStream hits back at ad ban by releasing new campaign

SodaStream is the world’s leading brand for simple DIY carbonated drinks that are retailed in thousands of stores across the world. Every year SodaStream provides over 600 million litres of carbonated beverages to more than 10 million households, making it one of the largest beverage companies in the world. SodaStream is a household alternative to.
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ITV unveils major rebrand: Do you like the new logo?

ITV has recently unveiled its new logo as part of its largest on-screen rebrand for more than a decade. The new identity is part of ITV’s strategy to identify that it is as up-to-date and relevant as the content it plays out. The new identity will be launched in January next year and will stretch.
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Brands making the most of the ever changing digital age…

The digital world is experiencing the recent growing trend of ‘dual screening’, which involves people using devices such as laptops and smartphones whilst watching TV. This is therefore providing a new opportunity for brands to increase engagement with their consumers. With people’s 21st century busy lifestyles, multi tasking has always been an essential part of.
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Marketing vs Christmas 2012

That’s right it’s that time of year again, 2012 is fast approaching the much loved Christmas season and it appears that this year shoppers intend to spend more, according to a study by HSBC. They polled more than 2,000 people based across the UK and it has been said that a fifth of shoppers actually.
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Molson Coors launches Animée – a beer specifically aimed at female consumers

Women are an important part to any industry and whilst gender equality has made some serious progress, beer is one of the few industries still heavily dominated by a male-influence. 77% of women say they ‘never’ or ‘very seldom’ drink beer however there is a belief amongst brewers that women represent a large untouched growth.
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