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Death of BOGOF

Death of the BOGOF. What does this mean for Brand Managers?

In February this year, Sainsbury’s became the first UK supermarket to announce the end of “Buy One, Get One Free” deals, thereby bringing to a close a trend which has become a commonplace in the UK retail scene. Many industry insiders have claimed that the move was made in anticipated response to a report from.

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5 key skills you need for a Category Manager job

Firstly, what does a Category Manager do? It is a category manager’s job to try to maximise the company’s profit from selling products within a specific category. This may be looking after a broad category such as ‘confectionery’ or they may focus closely on a more specific category, such as ‘snacking’. A category manager will analyse.

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product-led marketing 2

As advertising loses its potency, do brands need to move towards a more product-led approach to marketing?

A recent report from Nielsen showed that over the past two years, there has been a marked decline in the level of trust across a variety of the most popular advertising channels. In fact, so pronounced is the drop that only the three least trusted formats – mobile ads and texts and social media advertising.

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Why do experienced brand managers change jobs?

Brand management is one of the most sought after career paths within the consumer marketing world. In a nutshell, a modern day brand manager’s job invariably involves developing, communicating and implementing a brand plan, however, executing this successfully is much more complicated and involved than it may initially appear. It requires first class project management.

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Big consumer Brands are trotting along with the current horse meat scandal…

As you may have already heard, the horse meat scandal has been crucially spreading across the media and there is a wide variety of consumer brands involved in the outrage, including the previously popular ready-meal brand Findus. The big question for many of these big named brands is whether they can in fact recover from.
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A new take on digital content

A Cambridge based company has seen it’s augmented reality software ‘Aurasma’ feature in the media spotlight this week in the form of Jamie Oliver’s new cook book launch as well as for clothing retailer Forever 21 and the software’s capabilities are likely to be a hot topic amongst those in online marketing jobs. Aurasma is.
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Marketing vs Christmas 2012

That’s right it’s that time of year again, 2012 is fast approaching the much loved Christmas season and it appears that this year shoppers intend to spend more, according to a study by HSBC. They polled more than 2,000 people based across the UK and it has been said that a fifth of shoppers actually.
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Mothercare’s exciting new store launch

Mothercare has been through troubled times over the past few years and in May was warned that it would take around three years for them to make a profit again after a period of continuous decline. However, Mothercare has recently taken a bold step to attempt to return the business to a profitable state and.
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Carlsberg enters the UK cider market

Carlsberg has decided to launch its Somersby cider brand into the UK. The Somersby brand is owned by Carlsberg and was first launched in Denmark and Sweden. The brand will launch in the UK later this month, initially in Tesco stores and will be targeted at both the male and female demographic within the mainstream.
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Shoppers want a mix of promotions

Price based promotions occupy the majority of the supermarket aisles but a recent survey carried out by Shoppercentric has identified that this is not the most important factor for consumers making shopping decisions. The 1000 consumers were asked what they felt constituted to be good ‘value’ when shopping in supermarkets. 25% of those surveyed felt.
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