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false advertising

False advertising in the fitness industry

The months leading up to the summer are amongst the busiest for the health and fitness industry. As summer holidays approach, the panic to be ‘bikini body ready’ increases. During this time, the first thing so many people do is turn to the latest fitness trends on the market to help them get slim quick..

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influencer marketing

What the Fyre Festival fiasco says about influencer marketing

After being exposed to a multitude of memes and social media posts about it over the past week, I decided to see for myself what the new Netflix documentary ‘Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened’ was all about. If you haven’t heard of it, Fyre Festival was an influencer-backed, massively publicised ‘luxury’ festival located in the.

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gareth southgate

Gareth Southgate – Global inspiration for the recruitment industry

Twenty-two years ago, Gareth Southgate missed the penalty that resulted in England dropping out of the European Cup on home soil. Something that by his own admission was the worst day of his life, and has haunted him ever since. Yet all these years on, after guiding England into the quarter finals of the World.

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This is: Big consumer brands in Leicestershire

  A guide to consumer brands in Leicestershire This is the first in a mini blog series about organisations operating in the consumer space across Brand’s core regions. Initially we’re focusing on the region of Leicestershire. So if you’re a marketing job-seeker based in and around the Leicester area, and are keen to find work.

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Should Pokémon ‘Go’ away in the workplace?

So, (in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week) Pokémon Go is a newly released, free-to-play, augmented reality game for Android and iPhone. The game has been somewhat of a global phenomenon, and has got us all out Pokémon hunting with our smartphones in the real world.   Currently the top.

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Leicester City – What Marketers Can Learn

  There’s a touch of a Hollywood ‘rags to riches’ narrative about Leicester City’s spectacular triumph in the Premier League, yet far from the showy glitz and glamour of the celebrity spotlight, the team’s success has been driven by something far humbler as well as human. I’m no authority on football, yet as someone who.

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The World Cup vs Social Media

The FIFA World Cup 2014 kicked off in Brazil just over a week ago, but even before the tournament began it was clear that this year’s event was going to have a huge impact on the marketing industry and even more so on social media.  A study was released by Adobe Systems that predicted that.
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Successfully branding our UK counties

Suffolk has recently uncovered its plans to launch its new tourism campaign, the campaigns slogan being ‘The Curious County’. This new promotion scheme is an inventive twist of alliteration designed to encourage tourists to visit and explore the region. Unfortunately the MP of Bury St Edmunds was anything but impressed by the idea stating, "There.
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Sponsorship still a valued aspect of marketing – Norwich and Peterborough extend Canaries partnership

Head of Sales and Marketing of Norwich City Football Club, Will Hoy, has expressed his delight at a recent extension of Norwich and Peterborough Building Society’s support for the team. With an affiliation between the club ad NPBS that stretches back to 1992, and the club’s main sponsorship now showcasing Aviva’s logo, it may have.
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Time for a change in sports marketing

Football clubs need to refocus their marketing strategies back on to their core fans, who are those that support the club as their favourite team, in order to protect their long-term prospects. Many of the major football clubs have been concentrating on chasing lucrative sponsorship deals over recent years within the Premier League rather than.
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