Copywriters are in demand

There has been a notable increase in companies recruiting for copywriters within the eastern region. Here at Brand Recruitment, we have been contacted by both in-house organisations and agencies looking for copywriters to join their team so why the rise in copywriting jobs?

With digital technologies taking over the globe, companies have to keep on top of all types of online marketing. These include; websites, social media, email campaigns and good copywriting are crucial to the success of these campaigns. As Andrew Boulton recently highlighted in an article he wrote for The Drum: “The truth is that for every astonishing new visual or technological innovation that arrives, there are 10 million voices waiting to dissect, celebrate or deride it.” To compete with other organisations, copywriters need to write compelling copy that will engage with consumers. Copywriters are also tasked with making sure their writing is SEO proof.

The majority of our in-house clients have been asking for copywriters who have SEO experience and will write, edit and manage content for websites. Although these new copywriting roles are heavily focused on SEO these in-house companies still want the customer to be at the heart of any copy written with many making sure all pieces of writing give consumers clarification of their products/services.

Agency side copywriters are writing copy for both online and offline channels. These copywriters take client’s briefs and then from there make sure they write original copy that grab the attention of the target audience.

In an ever growing digital space where consumers have such a wide range of choice organisations need to make sure their copy is eye catching and engaging for consumers to read on. Behind every good website, article, tweet or Facebook comment is a copywriter who hopefully gets your attention.

Brand Recruitment recruit for copywriting jobs across Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire for both agency and in-house clients.

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Robin Anderson

Yes, today the profession of copywriter is very popular and demand. The copywriters help to sell your business products or services.


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