Creating a movement & anointing heroes

James Parton of The Bradfield Centre at The Marketing Meetup, Cambridge (04/09/2018)

James Parton is the Managing Director of The Bradfield Centre in Cambridge, a collaborative entrepreneurial community of technology start-ups and scale-ups. Having spent most of his career prior to The Bradfield Centre at start-ups and corporate companies, the talk has a main focus around start-up/tech companies and how marketers in these businesses can create a movement and anoint heroes.

Based around his own experiences, and having launched and run three software developer programs over the past decade; James’ talk includes some of the high-level concepts he used and/or developed when he was working at Twilio and other technology organisations such as O2 and Telefonica.

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A big thank you to Somersault for filming and putting together this video for your viewing pleasure.

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