Don’t forget the girls

With just under half the population of the world being female, it is surprising that many brands are still marketed at the male population. Technology is one such area. In a world that is dominated by males who design, make, sell and of course buy phones, computers, TVs, gaming consoles and all things techy, it is difficult to see where the female fits in. However the estimated cost of neglecting female technology consumers in the UK is a massive £588 million. Statistics show that more smartphones were bought by women than men in 2010’ and a study showed that ‘79% of women now have the biggest input when buying a new TV for the household’. It is also more likely for women to use catch-up services and stream on-demand content. The survey of 1,056 people showed that a man’s influence on household technology declines after 35 years old (around the time when he stops buying toys for himself and starts thinking about his family). For a woman, the opposite happens; they have an increased interest in household technologies. In light of these statistics brand managers in the technology sectors may need to start thinking like a lady.

Batchelors have seized this gap in the market and are launching a new Deli Box range aimed at the ladies. This new range will take on the male-focused brands such as Pot Noodle with advertising aimed purely at women. John Burton, Marketing Controller of Batchelors, stated that targeting women would present a “big opportunity” for the brand. Tesco is currently selling Batchelors Deli Box ahead of other major supermarkets in July. As a result it is likely that brand manager jobs will be created to support the new product lines.

Lynx also noticed this gap in the market when in January they released their first Lynx product branded at women, ‘Lynx for her’. Their adverts depicted chaos between men and women after using the Lynx spray. It was a bold step especially for such a male oriented brand.

Joby Read, Managing Consultant at Brand Recruitment, commented that “we are continually recruiting for brand manager jobs working across a variety of sectors”.

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