Marketing Temps

Alongside permanent marketing recruitment, we also recruit marketing temps and contractors for shorter term positions. Brand Recruitment have over 10 years’ experience placing marketing temps in businesses across the UK, so if you’re looking for advice on whether a marketing temp might be right for your business or are looking to recruit a temp for your team, please fill in the contact form below or give us a call on 01223 242423.

Marketing Temps can help your business in a variety of ways:

  • Maternity or holiday cover – our marketing temps can ensure that your business is running at optimal strength even when key personnel from your marketing or PR department are absent.
  • Specific campaigns or events – many clients believe that temps are a cost effective and more robust option to using agencies. Having an experienced professional working in-house can provide far better results than working with a less-focussed external agency.
  • SEO/PPC and digital marketing – if you aren’t top of Google, one of your competitors is – our digital temps can bring their online marketing knowledge to your business in the way that makes most sense and at a cost that makes most sense to your budget.
  • Interim temps – if you are involved in recruitment for your marketing department, a temp can ensure a smoother handover to the incoming team member.

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Case Study Examples: 

  1. An FMCG business in St. Albans were re-launching an established brand focusing on celebrity-endorsed PR promotions. Without relevant expertise in-house, the company approached Brand who were able to provide a marketing manager with extensive experience in this field to work as a temporary consultant.
  2. A major UK brand needed an expert copywriter to overhaul their stakeholder communication materials. An already overstretched marketing department did not have the skill-set required so a Brand temp sat in-house for a month and provided a complete overhaul of the collateral, as well as providing valuable input into other related projects.

As these examples demonstrate, your company can benefit from temps in the following ways:

  • Immediate access to specialist and specific skill-sets
  • Complete immersion in your culture – immediate, unhindered communication when working in-house
  • Maintain productivity without increasing permanent headcount
  • Cost benefit – harness the expertise without the added cost of agency overheads and profit margins