Fireside chat: comms and marketing

Faye Holland of Cofinitive at The Marketing Meetup: Cambridge (02/10/2018)

Faye Holland is the founder of Cambridge-based corporate communications consultancy, Cofinitive. Interviewed by Chris Massey, Faye talked us right the way through from her original background in music to her first job writing tech specs and working for IBM, as well as all the things she is doing now.

Prior to the The Marketing Meetup, attendees were encouraged to send in their questions for Faye. She answered a number of interesting questions on comms, marketing and her work, such as: ‘What do you consider to be a communications programme?‘, ‘What are things that you commonly see people doing wrong?‘, ‘What do you mean by ‘critical diversity?‘, ‘In a corporate environment, how do you approach the fact your company might not welcome new ideas from you, or allow you to be involved in decision making?’, ‘Do you have a mentor?’, ”What are your experiences of steering execs away from vanity marketing towards more strategic activities?’, ‘As a marketing consultant, how did you go about taking staff on?’ and ‘How do you plan to ‘replicate yourself’ for the future?’.

She also shouted Brand Recruitment out for helping her find two of her fabulous employees – thanks Faye! 

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A big thank you to Somersault for filming and putting together this video for your viewing pleasure.

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