Is there gender inequality in marketing?

With coverage of the “gender pay gap” top of the media’s agenda recently, it is unlikely that even the most disinterested observer could remain oblivious to the reports of disparity between how females are paid in relation to their male counterparts across the UK.

gender inequality in marketing


Does this pay gap exist in marketing? Do women really get a bum deal in one of the most sought-after industries to work in? Brand Recruitment conducts an annual Marketing Salary Survey which establishes average salaries for various roles within the industry whilst also canvassing opinion on a range of topics.

This is what some respondents had to say on the subject of gender (in)equality in marketing:

“All the men (three in total) at my level with less or the same experience earn at least 40-80% more than I.”

 “There is a marked difference in salaries. I have seen men in more senior positions and given more promotional opportunities. This is changing but in no way, is it equal.”

 “In my current place of work, it’s very fair, but in all my other roles the top management tier were always male, with a predominantly female team working for them.”

 “No women on our board of directors, and pay is not equal…”

 “75% of our business is female, including 50% of the leadership team.”

 “The events sector is female dominated, yet C level and directors still tend to be men with limited opportunities to progress.”

As you’ll see from these comments the response received wasn’t entirely damning – yet overall the response was far from ideal. And statistically this sentiment is backed up – with 31% of women reporting that they felt they had experienced discrimination in the workplace.

With regards to earnings there is a clear division at a higher level, with 15% of men surveyed earning over £60,000 compared to just 5% of female respondents, whereas almost half (47%) of women respondents were earning less than £30,000 compared to just over a fifth (21%) of their male counterparts.

Campaign Live recently posted “Gender pay gap: Marketing, media and advertising firms under the spotlight” where you can see for yourself how brands, agencies, and media owners are performing in the quest for gender pay parity.

Download a copy of our Marketing Recruitment Review and Salary Survey 2018/2019

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Alana Walden

Hi Robert,
Our intention is not to misinform anyone, it is merely to report the results of our recent survey findings which was an anonymous survey completed by both men and women in the marketing profession in the UK.

Katie Jones

‘shocking disparity between how females are paid in relation to their male counterparts across the UK’

It’s illegal to pay someone more for the same job just because of their gender.

Unless you provide examples of counterparts being paid less or more because of their gender you’re just pumping out more disinformation and doing absolutely nothing to help the situation.

Alana Walden

Hi Katie, the examples are the results of our annual Marketing Salary Survey 2018 whereby males and females working within the marketing industry have provided us with information on their salaries and their job titles/levels. This article is just the presenting of the results and observations from our annual survey.


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