Graduates in low-paid jobs

The Office for National Statistics has revealed that 36% of graduates (dating from the past 6 years) were employed in unskilled jobs during 2011 which is an increase of 9% from 2001.

The recession that hit the UK during 2008 is the main reason for these recent results. There was a decline in new graduate jobs during this time whilst the amount of graduates kept on increasing.

Unskilled jobs are considered those that do not need a degree for example; retail, restaurant, bar tender to name a few. A disheartening thought after spending three years studying and lots of money spent to then not use your degree for a job but this has become commonplace amongst many graduates.

Graduates might have once just gone straight from University into their ‘dream job’ but now candidates are expected to have a degree coupled with some experience. For the majority of University graduates they simply cannot afford to do an internship or work experience especially now with tuition fees soaring so they find themselves in a catch 22 situation.

Over the past few months Brand Recruitment has seen an improvement in the graduate marketing jobs market. This is reiterated by figures released that suggest that at the end of last year 18.9% of new graduates were out of work but in 2008 the figure was 20.7%. Dominic Phipps, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Brand Recruitment comments that “[he has] started working on several graduate marketing roles in the past month. This is promising for the graduate market especially those graduating this summer. However, employers are only considering those with a degree and some marketing work experience. The best advice we can give to any current University students is to try to do an internship or get some type of work experience alongside your studies if you are looking to get into a specific industry such as marketing, publishing and banking.”

There is some good news for graduates as the ONS report states that graduates are more likely to be employed and earn more than non-graduates.

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