Higher Salaries for Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire Marketing Jobs

In Brand Recruitment’s recently conducted annual Marketing Salary Review for 2011, marketers living in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire are paid 1.48% above the regional average.

Brand Recruitment has released details about its recent Marketing Salary Review. The recruitment agency surveyed jobseekers and employees across the Eastern Region in order to ascertain average salaries for different marketing job roles as well as comparing salaries in different industries and locations.

The majority of counties included in the salary review pay above the regional average but candidates seeking marketing jobs in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire will be pleased to know that they receive salaries higher than their neighbours. The only other county that offers higher salaries than Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire is Hertfordshire.

Notably, Marketing Account Managers in this region were paid 6.77% above the regional average with an average salary of £32,500. Brand Managers are also paid higher than their neighbouring counties, and will earn on average £39,871. Even the average for the other marketing job titles included in this review was only -0.80% at the lowest for Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

“We have seen an increase in the recruitment for marketing jobs in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire. A rise in the number of large companies recruiting around the Milton Keynes and Luton area has certainly pushed up salaries,” comments Alex Carter, Managing Consultant at Brand Recruitment, “There is a hub of companies looking to recruit around Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire, and the good travel access around the M1 location has made this area buoyant in the current market.”

The salary review has also found that the average commute across Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire has fallen by 6 minutes. In 2009 candidates seeking marketing jobs in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire were willing to commute up to 42 minutes whereas this has fallen to 36 minutes. This could be a result of an increase in the recruitment of marketing jobs across the region; candidates have more choice so therefore do not have to travel as far.

The conclusion that can be drawn from Brand’s 2011 Marketing Salary Review is that candidates seeking marketing jobs across Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire should feel confident.

The full report will be available on the Brand Recruitment website at www.brandrecruitment.co.uk at the end of June.

Visit https://www.brandrecruitment.co.uk/pr-and-marketing-jobs-in/buckinghamshire/ for marketing jobs in Buckinghamshire and https://www.brandrecruitment.co.uk/pr-and-marketing-jobs-in/bedfordshire/ for marketing jobs in Bedfordshire.

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