How are smartphones being used today?

The amount of smartphone users has been increasing dramatically over the past few years, particularly as they become more affordable and high tech with 3G and 4G networks advancing. According to Mobile Marketing Magazine, 7 in 10 people in the UK now own one, which means that already over half of us are not just buying any old mobile phone, we are buying smartphones.

Have you ever wondered though how smartphone users are actually using their mobile phones and what makes them so appealing? This infographic gives you a breakdown of exactly what people are using them for. It is not hard to believe that ‘Text Messaging’, ‘Taking Photos’ and ‘Internet Browsing’ have ranked highly on this list; however you may also notice that ‘Downloading Apps’ is the 5th most popular use of a smartphone. With domains such as the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone, it is now quick and easy to download apps onto your device. Many apps have catered to make smartphone users lives easier with creators designing them so that we can assess all the information we want from a brand or company’s website, on their app in a much more mobile friendly way.

It is probable that as we move into 2015, marketers will focus more and more on app developing and branding as this is a significant feature of smartphone and tablet devices, with apps continually trending in and out. It simply takes a positive marketing ‘buzz’ for an app to take off in the mobile phone industry.

Another interesting infographic suggests that the majority of people are in fact using these phones at work, followed closely by during outdoor activities. In today’s working society, it is true many people need to use them at work or for work purposes as they are fast, portable devices. We have recently launched our Brand Recruitment app, which we hope will help job-seekers with smartphones, who perhaps cannot always find the time to apply for jobs whilst at work, to be able to apply for jobs quickly and easily on the go, for example on their lunch break or on the train. By downloading our app, not only will you be able to continue with your job search, but you will also be able to make brilliant use of your smartphone!

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