How to find your next marketing job

If you’re looking to find your next marketing job, you’ll firstly need to think about the reason why you’re wanting a new job in the first place and establish what it is you want from your next role.

What do you like and don’t you like about your current position? What is the maximum distance you’d be willing to commute? What salary would you accept? It’s good to think about all these aspects to help narrow down your search. Once you’ve thought about your criteria and know what you’re looking for, it’s time to start finding your next career opportunity!

Here are our top tips on how to find your next marketing job:

next marketing job

Be visible on LinkedIn

If you’re applying for jobs, you probably will have updated your CV already (our Marketing Job CV Tips can help if you need any advice on this), but have you updated your LinkedIn profile too? Many head-hunters, internal recruiters and recruitment agencies will be using LinkedIn to source candidates for their job opportunities.

By ensuring your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date, looks good (e.g. using a professional profile picture, asking for recommendations, and making yourself stand out with your career history/achievements) and is visible to recruiters you’ll be opening yourself up to more opportunities than just the ones you’re applying for on job boards. One of the key things to do is switch on the ‘Let recruiters know you’re open to opportunities’ feature in the Job Seeking preferences on your profile settings. Enabling this will mean that you’ll be on recruiters’ radars and they’ll know that you’re open to hearing about roles.

As well as recruiters being able to find you, many companies will also be advertising their job vacancies on LinkedIn itself, so LinkedIn is a useful tool for finding and applying for positions too. You should also follow the company pages of your ‘dream companies’ you’d like to work to for, these pages will give you more insight on the company culture and notify you of job openings.

Get networking

As well as social networking, face-to-face networking is a great way to open up job opportunities for yourself. Today in many of the UK’s cities there’s no shortage of fantastic networking events for professionals, however niche they may be.

For the marketing sector, Brand Recruitment sponsor the fantastic The Marketing Meetup series, which are friendly, informal learning and networking events for marketing professionals of all levels. Praised for their non sales like atmosphere and the focus on listening to others, at the moment TMM events are a hit in London, Cambridge, Birmingham, Norwich and Bedford – so check them out if you haven’t already!

There will be more niche events out there as well depending on your areas of specialism. For example, we also sponsor a monthly Cambridge-based networking event called Optimisey which focuses specifically on SEO and brings together a bunch of like-minded people.

Events like these are a great chance to meet with people in your industry to learn and share ideas, as well as form important connections within the local community. These relationships may very well lead to your next career move! For example, someone you’ve met at one of these events could end up recommending you for a job at their company, or you may even get talking to someone who is hiring for their own team. There’s a commonly used statistic in the industry which is that approx. 80% of jobs are never even advertised publicly, suggesting a large proportion of jobs are filled through contacts made/recommendations, or filled internally.

Explore internal opportunities

Have you ever thought about other opportunities internally? You might like working for your current employer, for example, you might get excellent benefits or enjoy the short commute time to work as it fits around your out of work commitments. Whatever the reason, if you’re not looking for a new job because you don’t like your current company, and instead you’re just not ‘in love’ with your role anymore, there may be something you can do about it without having to apply for external opportunities.

If you work for a larger company, internal job openings might be posted on your employee intranet/portal, on the company website itself or sent around via e-newsletter. Internal job moves are often seen as a great benefit to both you and your employer, and could be a good option for someone who likes their company but are wanting to change up their day-to-day job role. According to research from Reed Global, 75% of internal recruits are successful in their new roles and 47% stay for three years or more.

Some companies will offer employees secondments into other departments, for example moving from HR to the marketing department for a certain period of time. An internal secondment could be a great way to gain new skills, add to your CV and get a taste for another job.

At the end of the day, good companies will want to keep good employees. So, if you’re seeking a new challenge but are holding back because you don’t want to leave a company you genuinely enjoy working for, keeping an eye on internal job openings could be a good option.

Register with a marketing recruitment agency

Last but absolutely not least; registering with a recruitment agency that specialises in marketing jobs in your local area (like Brand Recruitment!), is always a good idea. This is something you should consider doing whether you’re actively looking or not, as it’s good practice to stay in touch with an agency who can continuously be keeping an eye out for your ‘dream job’ for you in the background and only contacting you when that specific opportunity arises.

Many companies will use recruitment agencies exclusively to source their candidates and handle their recruitment process, which could mean you’re missing out on potential roles by not engaging with recruiters because these roles might not be advertised anywhere else.

A good recruitment agency will have established relationships with businesses in the local area, which could help get you in with your dream employer. Recruitment consultants can also provide an overview of the current job market, salary bench-marking advice, CV tips, interview advice and can make the whole job-seeking process a little less daunting in general! Arranging interviews and speaking to a number of different companies at once, whilst searching out other roles to apply for, and doing your actual job at the same time, can be quite stressful. A recruitment agency can take some of this stress away, as well as being able to ‘sell you in’ to the company on your behalf in order to help you get an interview.

If you’re on the lookout for your next marketing job, check out all our live marketing jobs. Or if you would like any more advice on anything mentioned above, please just contact us!

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