How to get a pay rise

Last year we discovered that 56% of marketers felt that they were underpaid in their current role, and 50% wouldn’t feel comfortable asking their employer for a pay rise.

Are you part of this 56% that feel like you’re not being paid enough? What if we told you that we could help you justify and prove what you should be earning?

Well, set a meeting up with your boss now because we’ve got the answer…!

pay rise

Marketing Recruitment Review & Salary Survey

The answer comes in the form of our annual Marketing Recruitment Review & Salary Survey. An insightful and in-depth review of the marketing job market which includes statistics on topics such as benefits, flexible working in the marketing industry, Brexit and gender equality. The review also includes a full salary guide for UK marketing and PR jobs which lists the average salaries for over 50 marketing job titles, as well as a breakdown of average pay in specific industry sectors.

The information in last year’s Marketing Recruitment Review & Salary Survey prompted countless marketers to realise that they’re not being paid in-line with the industry average for their job title. On discovering this, many of these marketers will then have set up meetings with their bosses to discuss their pay options, took the guide with them into their annual pay review meeting, or started looking for a new job in a sector that pays better. The same salary guide is also used by hundreds of hiring managers and HR teams across the UK to help effectively and fairly benchmark salaries for their marketing departments and new marketing hires.

Take part in this year’s Marketing Salary Survey

In order to create such a useful, accurate and extensive guide, each year we need to enlist the help of UK marketing professionals, like you, to gather the data and insight needed to produce our next Marketing Recruitment Review & Salary Survey.

This January we launched our Marketing Salary Survey 2019 and are asking for as many marketing, PR and creative professionals to take part as possible. By taking part you could also be in with the chance of winning a £100 John Lewis voucher!

So please take part in the survey below and help play an important part in creating the guide that could lead you to get a pay rise this year…

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