How to make the generation that doesn’t care, care (Influencer Marketing)

Harry Seaton of Fluential at The Marketing Meetup, Cambridge (04/09/2018)

Twenty one year-old Harry is the Managing Director of Fluential; an influencer marketing agency based in London. Having spoken at a previous meetup in Norwich, Harry came to the 22nd The Marketing Meetup – Cambridge to share his experience and advice on making the generation that doesn’t care, care.

Harry’s talk naturally focused on influencer marketing, and the type of influencer marketing that actually works for brands. He covered the idea of integration and choosing influencers that actually match the brand you’re trying to promote, as well as the use of ‘micro influencers’ and the importance of engagement with the audience. It’s not just all about vanity, i.e. the ‘likes’.

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A big thank you to Somersault for filming and putting together this video for your viewing pleasure.

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