How to stand out from the crowd?

The amount of candidates seeking employment in the job market is vast. Employers have such a large pool of candidates to choose from that some job seekers are taking a different approach to their job search in order to stand out. We’ve noticed some creative and marketing job seekers are turning their CV and job search into a marketing campaign or creative masterpiece to do this.

A recent hit on LinkedIn has been a YouTube video created by a recent graduate. Matthew Rennie’s creative marketing cover letter is a very good example of candidates thinking out of the box in the current market which is saturated with recent graduates. Although employers and recruitment agencies still require a ‘traditional CV’ it is fresh thinking ideas such as this example which will make potential employees stand out from the crowd.

Graduates are not the only ones having to think of creative ideas for their application process as a recent interview published on the The UK Marketing Network blog has shown. Senior marketers are looking to new methods to showcase their experience. Dan Woodington has created a marketing campaign for his job search. His campaign includes; email marketing, a website and use of social media which for potential employers shows good evidence of his experience rather than it just being written on paper.

Although we welcome fresh and forward thinking ideas such as the examples featured, recruitment agencies and hiring authorities still require CVs in a traditional format detailing your experience. At Brand Recruitment (and recruitment agencies in general) we load your CV onto our database and search using keywords. Please provide a word document CV and if you have any supporting evidence such as a creative covering letter or portfolio send this over as a separate attachment.

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