How valuable is a marketing degree?

Marketers are beginning to question the true value of a degree, as training and experience have been found to be more valuable when trying to break into this fiercely competitive industry.

A recent survey carried out by The Marketers Forum has found that over 50% of marketing managers looking to recruit marketers do not require candidates to have a degree.

A number of graduates are leaving university without the required skills to join any profession and as a result the survey found that 77% of marketing managers believe that a degree is not always required to be a successful marketer. This is supported by the Managing Director of The Marketers Forum, Quentin Crowe: “A lot of universities’ output sees graduates very good at processes but not so good at the holistic needs of a business. A degree is not always preferable and now people are questioning the value [of some degrees] and looking for alternatives.”

However, this is disputed by specialist marketing recruitment agencies including Brand Recruitment. Ursula Colman, Managing Consultant at Brand Recruitment has commented that: “We continue to be asked by clients to search for candidates with a 2:1 or above degree classification as this level of qualification is still highly regarded amongst our clients. At the moment we are seeing a lot of marketing graduates leaving university with a good degree as well as marketing experience from an internship or work placement year.”

There has been a recent rise in the number of marketing students graduating from top class universities such as Cambridge and Oxford as marketing continues to be seen as a desirable career choice.

Does the value of a degree still outweigh experience?

Brand Recruitment works with a variety of clients and recruits for Marketing jobs across the Eastern region.

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