Increase in the uptake of short marketing training courses

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has noticed a significant increase in the number of employers investing in short training courses for their staff. The CIM has around 50,000 members and provides training and professional marketing qualifications for marketers that are internationally recognised as industry standard qualifications. The CIM run around 140 different marketing training courses, these short courses are taught by specialist marketers and allow marketers to update or learn a marketing focused skill which may enable them to secure a new marketing job or do their current role better.

These specialist short courses are becoming increasingly popular with businesses, as they look for staff training options to suit their smaller training budgets in the tough economic climate. These short one or two day courses allow marketers to further develop their skills in marketing specialisms such as digital marketing and social media and now make up around 81 percent of the training the CIM provides. This type of intensive training is a cost effective alternative for businesses allowing them to save money whilst still investing in their staff.

Digital marketing continues to be a popular training subject as companies are finding that it is an essential marketing skill. As a result, companies are now looking to hire versatile marketers to fill their marketing jobs who have strong all round skills; these short courses therefore provide a means for companies to develop the skills of their employees. The CIM continues to offer a number of digital marketing courses to fulfill this demand and launches new training courses on a regular basis to reflect market developments and to follow trends such as the growth of social media marketing. The CIM’s Director of Research and Professional Development, David Thorp, has commented that: “Digital marketing has seen the largest growth and remains the discipline with the greatest uptake of courses. As marketers work harder to glean intelligence from data sourced through the ever-growing number of digital channels, there is a greater need for data analytics skills. It is important that marketers incorporate these skills into their portfolio to ensure that the business is not needlessly replicating functions and wasting money.”

Overall, despite budget cuts companies are recognising the value of training their staff who are employed in marketing jobs, not only as a way to improve employee retention but also as a way of ensuring that they employ diversely skilled marketers. Click here to view our recent digital marketing jobs.

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