Is now a good time to be looking for a new marketing job?

Brand Recruitment hosted its second Google Hangout last week. This time the topic was on the marketing job market which proved a very popular topic. In a time when confidence is starting to grow amongst clients, candidates and the marketing sector in general, we thought it would be a good opportunity to answer questions on the current job market.

The Hangout was held in a Q&A format and candidates were encouraged to email in their questions beforehand which were answered by Ursula Colman, Managing Consultant at Brand Recruitment. ‘We wanted the opportunity to provide a forum for candidates to ask questions about the marketing job market. We felt that our expertise in marketing recruitment could offer marketing job-seekers our in-depth knowledge of what is going on in the market.’

Generic questions were first asked which ranged from ‘is the job market still a buyers’ market?’, to ‘if the location of the job isn’t ideal but you would be a perfect fit for the job description, how do you approach an employer about remote working? Is this ever possible?’ and ‘I’m on a 3 months’ notice period. Will this work against me?’

Ursula explained that whilst for some areas it is still a buyers’ market such as the graduate and senior director levels, for digital, insight and research roles this is definitely a candidate driven market. The location question is a bit tricky to answer but Ursula suggested to go and see them first to establish if the candidate likes the company and vice versa, and then at this stage bring up the location issue. Finally, Ursula commented that she has never known a company not to offer a candidate a role because they had a three months notice period. Sometimes clients will specify that they require someone to start in a month due to a person handing in their notice but on the whole three months would not deter an employer.

The more specific questions were focused on moving industry sectors and what the job market was like in particular areas. Someone asked about marketing jobs in Reading which Ursula has found to be very busy especially for B2B technology companies. Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and Adobe are all based around Berkshire so this a great hub for those looking for a marketing job within the technology sector. If you are looking for marketing jobs in Reading then please visit our jobs section.

A candidate also asked how to make the move into the charity industry. For this Ursula felt that charity employers like candidates from the commercial sector. If you are looking to make the move then make sure you tick all the boxes on the job specification and ensure your CV reflects this. She did warn that the charity sector is very competitive at the moment.

Graduates were touched upon but we have decided to hold a Hangout specifically for graduates at the end of this month (more details to follow).

Please watch our Marketing Job Market Google Hangout or view our videos on Brand Recruitment’s YouTube channel.

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