Is social media to become a social complaints platform?

Eptica has recently carried out a Social Customer Service survey and found that 26% of consumers make complaints via company’s social media sites. Consumers felt that they would receive a quicker response by contacting companies directly this way when in fact a staggering 83% of those surveyed were disappointed with the response they had received and 17.5% of them had not got a response at all.

Social media recruitment has risen significantly in the past few months as organisations look to use this online marketing tool as part of their wider strategy but also to ensure that customers receive a good experience through this medium. If you search any of the bigger brand’s twitter feed you will see that people comment on their page every few minutes and if organisations want to keep their consumers happy then these posts need to be responded to.

Dee Roche, Global Marketing Director of Eptica comments that by “not answering basic questions [it] is essentially slamming the shop door in the face of potential customers. Social media provides a megaphone through which complaints aired by unhappy customers can quickly escalate. Companies need to put in place a proper strategy for social customer service, before consumers vote with their feet.”

Out of the 1000 Britons surveyed, 21% would complain to retailers via social media and 19% to banks. Social media does make it easier for a consumer to voice their complaint. If you receive bad customer service or a faulty product, rather than having to find an address and write to a complaints department the customer can put in a complaint there and then using social networks. The survey did not detail whether there had been a rise in customer complaints but this could be a possibility. Customers can make their complaint at the time of the incident by accessing social networks on their mobile phone whereas some may be inclined not to bother if they have to go through the formalities of writing to a company.

Companies should take note of this survey, the customer service/complaints aspect of social media should be taken into account when organisations are deciding upon their strategy. Social media is taking a large proportion of online marketing strategies and there has been a rise in online marketing jobs.

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