Lightning Talks (The Marketing Meetup)

Four ‘Lightning Talks’ at The Marketing Meetup: Cambridge (06/11/2018)

Anne-Marie Miller – Creative Director, Carbon Orange: Valuable Visuals
Creative Anne-Marie talks about the benefits of using visual notes! Whether it is for meetings, revision, therapy, talk notes, diaries etc.

Simon Barnett – Director, Dayglow Media: What Punk Rock Taught Me About Marketing
Simon talks about why we should always dare to be different in marketing, just like ‘punk rock’ did.

Jenny Norman – Strategy and Marcomms Lead, Frission: How to win at Corporate Xmas Greetings
Jenny talks us through the least favourite recurring marketing project of the year, the corporate Christmas gift!

Mark Dalgarno – Senior Consultant, Software Acumen: The Worst Lightning Talk in History
Mark talks about solving problems by thinking about solving the ‘anti-problem’!

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A big thank you to Somersault for filming and putting together this video for your viewing pleasure.

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