The Marketing Dress Code

The marketing industry is home to a vibrant mix of creative business people, and as industries go, it’s often thought of as one of the more laid-back when it comes to dress codes. But relaxed rules can lead to confusion – how smart should your smart casual be? How casual is too casual?

From what to wear to an interview to daily attire and meeting clients, a new survey by Further Digital Marketing has found that many people working in marketing struggle with knowing what to wear – and often think their colleagues are dressed inappropriately.

More than 100 marketing professionals from around the UK answered questions about things like their own office rules, how much time they spend thinking about what to wear and whether they’ve ever regretted an outfit choice. The full report gained insight on the differences in attitude between the younger generation of marketers and their older peers, as well as differences between male and female employees.

Some interesting findings include:

  • 58% of marketers struggle with knowing what to wear, and think the rules are still changing
  • While in-house marketing teams are likely to stick to smart or very smart dress codes, agencies generally have no dress code, or dress smart casual
  • 50% of respondents felt that other marketers had, at times, been inappropriately dressed

Overall, the feeling seems to be that it’s important to know how to dress for the occasion. 89% of those surveyed say that they adjust what they wear to suit their day – so dressing to meet a client in the insurance industry might mean a smarter look than an outfit for catching up with clients in the music business, for example.

For more information and insight from the survey take a look at the highlights infographic below

marketing dress code

For the full findings check out Further’s blog post.

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