Marketing Salaries: The Highest Paying Sectors

The results of our annual ‘Marketing Recruitment Review and Salary Survey‘ produced some interesting findings, especially when it came to comparing marketing salaries across different industry sectors.

Our 2017/2018 Salary Survey results showed that the average salaries for some of the most common marketing job titles are as follows:

Marketing Assistant – £21,000

Marketing Executive – £26,000

Marketing Manager – £42,500

Digital Marketing Manager – £42,000

When we looked at these salaries more closely, we were able to establish what marketers working within different industry sectors could expect to receive for similar positions. We found that the highest paying industry sectors were:




Marketers within the medical and pharmaceutical sectors are well rewarded for their tenure with higher salaries and excellent benefits packages, and as such are less frequently looking for new roles. Therefore, job opportunities for marketers within the medical/pharma industry are much fewer and far between. Given the nature of these highly-regulated industries, positions in this area also tend to require some previous industry experience, and therefore are not the easiest of sectors to move into.

Our survey results also revealed that marketing professionals working within B2B industries such as pharma seemed to be the most happy within their roles, with 60% of B2B marketers saying they were happy in their current position.





Similarly, to the medical and pharmaceutical industry; marketers working with the FMCG/retail sectors also tend to receive salaries that sit nicely above the average.

FMCG marketing is notoriously hard to get into without any previous experience, and roles within this sector tend be very well sought after – with the level of competition for roles in this sector being extremely high. However despite the allure of the bigger brand names within the FMCG/retail sector, our findings showed that, actually, marketers working within consumer industries like FMCG/retail are actually the least happy within their roles – with only 38% saying they’re happy.






Coming in at third place for marketing salaries is another B2B industry, technology. When speaking to various marketing professionals, we often find that B2B marketing is not always a first choice, and it tends to be a sector that most marketers find themselves ‘falling into’. However, with some innovative and incredibly interesting technology products/services out there, combined with some good salaries and it being one of the happiest industries to work in, technology marketing is certainly an industry worth considering!


Following these industries as the fourth and fifth highest paid were leisure and professional/financial services. 

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