Marketing salary benchmarking | How much am I worth?


I’m a marketer, how much am I worth?

If you have read this title, and find yourself clicking on this link then you probably sit within one of three main categories; a marketing candidate interested to know if they should be paid more, an employer wondering if they should be paying more, or somebody who just can’t help clicking on pictures of money!

Of course, I do know that there are many more people out there than those of us who want to make or save money, so I appreciate you might just be nosey as to what other people earn, keen to scope out where you should benchmark yourself after being made redundant, or perhaps you want to give a staff member a pay rise but don’t know how much to offer.

Regardless of your intentions for reading my post; firstly I must tell you there is no universal way to answer this question, as you can’t define a salary based on a job title and a location. Many factors come into play that define an individual piece of salary benchmarking, and it can only be benchmarked when considering the entire job brief in terms of requirement of experience, and the responsibilities of the candidate within the role in areas such as management, hours, travel coupled with the location etc.

Marketing salary benchmarking

However, if you are an employer or candidate, you will be pleased to know I am not leaving you empty handed, as on an annual basis my esteemed colleague Alana Walden collates information about all the marketing roles we work on across our regions and produces an amazing piece of informative literature, our annual Marketing Recruitment Review and Salary Survey! And you can download it for free by visiting this link:

As well as the review, Brand Recruitment also offers a free marketing salary benchmarking service, so please if you’re struggling to benchmark positions within your team or are looking to hire a new role and are not sure what to pay, get in touch with us directly on 01223 242423 or [email protected]


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