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Managing Consultant/Founding Partner at Brand Recruitment

Ursula Colman - Marketing Recruiter

As one of the founding members of Brand, and with over ten years in the industry, Ursula is our most experienced marketing recruiter. Ursula’s knowledge of both marketing and recruitment is second to none, and it is this that makes her and in turn Brand so successful.

Marketing recruitment itself is currently going through a boom period, this is as a result of companies becoming much more marketing focused than I have seen in the ten years I have been in the industry. A few years ago marketing probably wasn’t the focus area for a lot of companies, most businesses were a lot more sales focused, but now it seems that companies are really understanding the power of marketing, and how well this works alongside sales. Particularly with the growth in online and how key digital has become, there are so many more ways to market businesses than ever before.

Just after the recession, we were seeing a lot of insight roles created as companies wanted to try out different marketing angles. This has now changed, and demand for these types of insight focused positions has decreased.

Although digital is now leading the way, there are still companies that see digital as just a ‘phase’. However, it really is marketers that can now set the direction of a business through the power of online marketing. Over the past couple of years we have seen digital salaries reach new heights and roles appear that we once thought would never exist, for example ‘Head of Social Media’ positions for large consumer organisations. In 2016 however, I can imagine that these digital salaries will begin to stagnate slightly and maybe even decrease. We all know how important digital skills are at the moment, so my advice would be to try and gain experience in as many online specialisms as you can such as SEO, PPC, and social media – this creates more opportunities for your future career.

Content marketing and writing skills are something that we are seeing a lot more demand for at the moment – more and more job specifications ask for candidates to be able to write good content. This again links to the power of online and therefore the importance of content marketing in today’s world.

We have noticed that there are some companies who understand the importance of digital marketing, yet are actually starting to do more offline marketing again – for example hosting events and conferences, in order to, as a result, create more marketing opportunity online.

As mentioned before, marketing recruitment is really booming at the moment as marketing departments continue to grow. We have seen entry level salaries improve for recent graduates with university placement experience or a year of work experience, this increase is likely to be an example of employers recognising the value of what a graduate can really bring to an organisation, and knowing that finding the right graduate with the right personality fit is so important for the future of their marketing team.

We still find when recruiting that many employers are still being unnecessarily specific with regards to someone fitting the exact blueprint of the job description, and not considering anybody who doesn’t tick all the boxes. Over the next year at Brand we really want to encourage our clients to see the benefits in being more flexible with regards to industry experience, qualifications etc.

It is this flexibility and less traditional way of thinking, as well as trusting us as a recruiter and industry specialist, that will ultimately help an employer to build a stronger marketing department,

and hire and retain the best marketers out there. In a time when people are moving jobs more quickly than ever, it is now even more important that employers are hiring the best people, and also therefore retaining the best people for their team – and it is our job to help make sure that this is happening!

I have also noticed an increase in senior candidates getting in touch with us, and ‘dipping their toes in’ more. Before it would be much rarer that you would see someone at say Marketing Director or Head of Marketing level keeping an eye out for new positions.

This shift is likely to be down to the fact that we have come out of the recession and businesses are valuing marketing more, therefore there is less risk in these senior candidates leaving their current positions.  As a result of this, I expect that in the next year we will see an increase in the amount of senior roles we are being asked to work on.

All the best for 2016,


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