PR and marketing jobs in the eastern region

Brand Recruitment brings you its annual Marketing Salary Review for 2010-2011. This is the fourth year we have devised this report which is intended to provide valuable insight into Marketing and PR salary trends across the Eastern Region for both employers and employees.

Despite the recent economic climate, salaries on the whole have remained the same or improved over the past year. In some cases, average salaries have descended slightly and in these tough times it is worth noting which job positions companies are focusing their energies on in order to gain good results. In depth statistics concerning these trends can be found from the Sector vs. Role section of this Marketing Salary Review. The County vs. Role section will also be of interest to those keen to see the difference in salaries across the counties within the Eastern Region.

A positive which can be drawn from this year’s review is that confidence amongst employers and employees alike has grown. Unlike last year where the review found that redundancy was one of the main reasons for candidates looking to leave their current employment, the focus this year has shifted and those searching for a new PR or marketing job are now looking for new challenges, career progression or a better work/life balance. This improvement in work/life balance could also have a direct impact on the amount of time candidates are willing to commute; as the Average Commute section demonstrates, the surveyed jobseekers are seemingly less willing to commute than their counterparts in the 2009-2010 Review.

Over the past year, Brand Recruitment has witnessed a rise in companies looking to fill marketing jobs and also that on average salaries have risen; this would indicate that candidates have more choice and leverage with regards to salary rises. However, it does remain a buyer’s market and although the private sector appears to be slowly recovering, it still remains to be seen how the public sector cuts will affect employment and salaries.

Wishing you all the best for 2011.

The Brand Recruitment Team