The past year has seen Brand Recruitment expand its area of operation to include both Berkshire and Oxfordshire so wherever possible we have included statistics for these counties in this salary survey. On a similar note, due to the continuing increase in the importance of specific skillsets within the digital arena, roles dealing with SEO, PPC and social media are included for the first time.

There is also a new section Why do employers lose out? which was introduced to help hiring businesses understand how to implement a recruitment process which is efficient and straightforward. All too often companies will end up losing the best candidate for a role simply because the hiring process has not been thought out, or is over-complicated and drawn out by internal procedures or a lack of communication between departments.

With the economy stabilising, it is evident that businesses have felt more confident about increasing headcounts, although this has been a gradual development which it seems may only truly manifest itself during 2014/15. Likewise, marketers have seemed to be more comfortable considering moving jobs – whilst, for example, three years ago a high proportion of candidates registering with Brand were doing so out of necessity due to redundancy, the past year has seen an increasing number registering in a more passive way. As the survey suggests, most marketers are happy in their current role, yet would consider a move for a perfect role, or a better package – these ‘could be tempted by a great role’ candidates now constitute the lion’s share of our new registrations. Accordingly, we hope that the information within the Job Satisfaction and Benefits sections will help employers understand how to best retain key talent.

Just a few weeks into the new financial year, it appears that 2014/15 could be a great year for businesses and marketers advancing their careers.

We would also like to let you know that we now have a Brand Recruitment app which you can download and register on in seconds for a quick and easy way to get applying for our latest Marketing and PR jobs.

Brand Recruitment wishes you all the best for the coming months.