Molson Coors launches Animée – a beer specifically aimed at female consumers

Women are an important part to any industry and whilst gender equality has made some serious progress, beer is one of the few industries still heavily dominated by a male-influence.

77% of women say they ‘never’ or ‘very seldom’ drink beer however there is a belief amongst brewers that women represent a large untouched growth market for the beer industry.

Molson Coors is one of the UK’s largest brewers, and has rightly identified women as a real business opportunity and realised that fewer lager brands appeal to them properly. They have created and launched Animée which is a beer for women and they believe this is the beer that can change the attitudes of the 77% of UK women who don’t currently drink beer.

There are great alcohol brands at the moment that manage to appeal to women without having their target audience specifically at females, so are Molson Coors taking a risk by predominantly aiming Aimee at just women?

It may seem risky but Molson Coors spent two years researching and developing this product in order to understand what women want in this market and have come up with a product that appeals to the female market. Having spoken with tens of thousands of women in the process they are so sure that it will create a revolution among female drinkers that they are spending £2 million on an advertising campaign.

The beer itself stands out from your typical larger as it is clear filtered. As well as its appearance standing out the taste is set to be a different experience also as it is a lighter, fresher tasting beer that will come in three naturally flavoured varieties – standard, rose and citrus.

It is difficult to predict whether Animée will be a as big of a hit with females as Molson Coors are anticipating because everyone’s tastes are different and there is no way for one product to cater to all women’s tastes.

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