New social commerce strategy for well-known FMCG brand

The major FMCG company, Reckitt Benckiser has announced its plans to launch an alternative of its popular Cillit Bang product through Facebook exclusively in an attempt to improve their social media activity and to promote this as part of their overall sales and marketing strategy.

The product that will be the first to be trialled on Facebook is one that moves into the dishwashing category and is being launched as ‘Cillit Bang All in 1 Dish & Surface cleaner’, an automatic washing up liquid dispenser. This new product will initially only be sold on the Cillit Bang Facebook page before a possible store launch and is likely to be the first of a number of products including limited edition variants to be initially sold via social commerce.

It is likely that many other high profile brands will adopt Reckitt Benckiser’s new social media strategy in a bid to improve their level of online engagement with their consumers which is likely to lead to the creation of a number of online marketing jobs to support this new strategy. Reckitt Benckiser is not the first company to develop this type of strategy, the use of social and f-commerce have previously been used by Heinz to boost brand awareness for their limited edition variants. A number of fashion retail brands also allow customers to purchase products directly through their Facebook page to further engage their customers.

Reckitt Benckiser’s social commerce strategy is also being introduced in conjunction with cost-saving measures to fund investment in further building their other core brands such as Finish, Vanish and Calgon. It is clear that the company is keen to build the strength of its main brands and is willing to invest in new strategies in order to achieve this target.

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