Not your typical recruitment job…

This article is actually something a bit different to my usual posts.

At Brand, we’re hiring within our Cambridge office and I am using this article to do a bit of promotion. Sorry if you’re looking for marketing insight, which is my usual bag…you may not find it reading this post! But if you – or someone you know – is thinking of a job in recruitment, then please do read on…
Recruitment Job

Firstly, I could easily leap straight into describing the role and what is required in terms of skills, and telling you how amazing the opportunity is. However, I’m not going to do that.

We’re keen to hear from a particular sort of person and I want to tell you why.

We’ve got people in our recruitment team who had never been involved in recruitment before working at Brand. These recruiters tend to share similar personality traits – typically, these people are outgoing, easy to talk to and good at listening. You might be thinking to yourself ‘well that’s easy, isn’t it?’ However, when I say ‘listen’, I actually mean people who would naturally try to delve a bit deeper when speaking with clients or candidates and don’t just hear what they want to hear!

Along with the above traits, you’ll be tenacious and you’ll always try to go the extra mile for clients and candidates alike. Our business thrives on retention and inevitably our candidates will already be, or will become, our clients. You’ll be driven to succeed and will have a certain energy about you.

Customer service is the cornerstone of Brand’s success and something which will be instilled in everyone joining our successful team. The ability to smoothly manage client accounts will come – once you’ve shadowed others and built up the knowledge you need to offer educated and informed advice to our client base.

Now to talk a bit about the role within the recruitment team.

The position will be varied to say the least. After your training period (of approximately two months) you will be speaking to candidates regarding their search, understanding what they require from us and checking their suitability on a range of marketing, PR and communications roles. You will be matching to live positions, managed and guided by senior members of the team, and you’ll be meeting with marketing professionals across the central and eastern region.

One thing we won’t be doing is throwing you straight into the ‘client interaction’ and strapping a phone to the side of your head to make ‘sales calls’. We do things differently here and only when you’re ready will you be set free into the wilderness that is business development and client calling. In reality recruitment is probably a little different to the picture your ‘friend down the pub’ may have painted, especially when working for a reputable and highly regarded recruitment firm such as Brand.

Only once you’re full of marketing knowledge will you be moved onto the task of building your desk in your specialised area. You will be given a select number of accounts to handle after a certain period and you shouldn’t be too shy to pick up the phone to speak with potential new clients. This role isn’t one for the faint-hearted as we expect the upmost in professionalism, client care, thoroughness and pace when recruiting on the roles and gaining new business. Our business development is highly focused, and we’ll only want you to get in touch with companies at the right time for them, as well as for you as you grow into your role.

We’ve won a few awards in the past, including the UK’s number one regional marketing recruitment agency three years out of the last five, and as such, we’re particular in the way we do things. Everything which we do has to be done with the clients’ and candidates’ best interests at heart!

Only move onto the next part of the ‘article’ if you’re happy with the above.

At this stage, I’m hoping the role is of potential interest to either yourself or someone you know… Whether the person in question has recruitment experience or not, we’d love to hear from anyone who fits the bill.

The Cambridge office at Brand is a lively and vibrant place with 20 people working in the recruitment team from different walks of business. We operate with a very flat structure and whilst we promote a hierarchy in terms of the sort of roles you’ll be working on initially, there’s direct access to the management team and more senior members are on hand to give advice and assist throughout your recruitment journey.

Our commission structure is certainly one of the strongest in the area and you’ll be commanding anything up to 30% of your billings on a tiered basis as part of the package. Along with this there’s a six week paid sabbatical for every three years you’re with the company. Birmingham to Bali, Aylesbury to Australia. After your third Brand birthday (and every third thereafter), we’ll pay for you to have to time off whether you want to backpack around tropical beaches or master tae-kwondo on a Korean hillside! Holiday starts as 23 days and increases with service, an attractive pension scheme, free fruit and juices, quarterly incentive trips (private dining at the Shard was the last), and not to mention you’ll be working with some very knowledgeable recruitment people who will help you to carve a career in recruitment.

The long and short of this is: we care for our team so that they, in turn, care as deeply about the fantastic list of clients and candidates on board with Brand.

We’ve actually put together a short YouTube video which features members of the Brand team talking about their different experiences of working for us – watch the video. We also have a page of our website dedicated to helping people get to know what it’s really like working at Brand Recruitment – check it out here.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if this is of interest, and feel free to pass this on to anyone within the network who could be keen.

Any ‘Jordan Belforts’ need not apply.



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