PR becomes the focus of brand strategies

A number of big name brands have taken the decision to make PR a stronger element of their marketing strategy. The change comes about due to the increasing use of social media and reflects changes in brand management and marketing strategies over recent years. As a result, brands such as Topshop and Nintendo have taken the decision to recruit for PR roles in a bid to be ahead of their competitors.

Social media continues to be a key element of online marketing strategy and as a result this platform can have both a positive and negative impact on a brand’s image and reputation. Brand’s have quickly come to recognise how negative comments on social media sites such as customer service reviews can quickly be seen by a large number of consumers which can clearly have a damaging effect on a brand’s reputation if not handled in an appropriate manner. As a result, reputation management is beginning to have a stronger influence on the marketing mix.

With a number of high profile brands recently hiring for new PR jobs, it is clear that PR is seen to be the way forward to protect brand reputation, image and a way to communicate with consumers in the digital age.

Brand Recruitment work with a number of big name brands on PR jobs across the Eastern Region and have seen firsthand the increase in demand for PR candidates. Please see our website for more details on current PR jobs in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire.

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Public relations plays a major role in getting ahead of competitors. Thanks for enlightening me about PR. I wish to focus more on this and I’ll let the experts take care of my product design.


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