Reasons Why You Should Work for a Marketing Agency

Having recruited for many marketing agencies over the last five years, a common response when speaking to candidates is that working hours and pressures paint an unattractive picture of agency life where demanding deadlines from clients, long hours and short lunch breaks have become the norm. Having spoken to many candidates both agency-side and in-house it seems you either love it or hate it.

Globally there is an uncountable number of marketing agencies out there, with new ones created almost daily and certainly more job opportunities created daily – so they must be doing something right!

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Below are key points siding with the ‘love’ of agency life:

  1. Variety is the spice of life!








You will never get bored – ultimately agencies exist to serve clients, and the pace is fast. No two days are the same, as you are likely to be working on a number of different clients it means you are continuously switching mind-set – one day you might have to put yourself in the shoes of an insurance-buyer to understand what type of website experience they want, the next you might be assessing research from the maternity sector for product development. A client’s needs can change suddenly, and new, urgent projects can arrive unexpectedly. For this reason, agency life is perfectly suited to the driven, outgoing and adaptable marketers of this world.

  1. Development of your skillset







Because many agencies are fully integrated and work is so varied there are countless opportunities for learning new channels of marketing that might not be accessible with in-house roles. There is huge wealth of experience within agency doors from PR and communications to web design, to SEO and PPC, to email campaigns and content creation.

If you are keen to learn, then a marketing agency is a good environment for you. Creative agencies have earned their reputations through phenomenal ideas, reliability, and usually high return on investment for their clients. Learning to manage clients and develop strong ideas from recognised agency creatives, can help you take your career to the next level.

  1. Social environment

    social environment







It is well known that marketing agencies provide social environments for their creatives to flourish in. Many agencies keep staff inspired and stimulated through entertainment and relaxation spaces, from games rooms to nap areas and gyms to beer taps – I have even heard of an indoor slide! It is used all too commonly but the industry favourite work hard, play hard does seem to speak some truth.

  1. Creativity – allowing your ideas to come to life







The opportunity to work with a diverse collection of brands in a fast thinking environment often with less red-tape provides a working environment that breeds creativity. You often take on new, exciting projects and formulate fresh ideas. If you enjoy working with large concepts and thrive off variety then an agency is probably worth considering. Brainstorming – agencies allow you to bounce ideas off colleagues; if you ever find yourself stuck, whether it’s a client you can’t handle, or a creative block, you can be sure your fellow creatives will have your back.

I’d love to hear any other reasons you would add to this list…!

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Both me an my partner have recently considered joining an agency and have been told on many occasions that as we have no agency experience we would not be considered. How are you supposed to get this experience if the doors are always closed apart from at entry level?

Ben Phillips

Thanks Rachel, good question. Each agency will have their individual barriers when it comes to recruiting, and it’s a difficult question to answer without knowing your experience – I will be in contact directly to discuss further.

Vera Hanson

In every work that we apply and get hired, we learn from that industry much more if it will be a marketing agency. There are many things we could learn in this kind of industry some of them are given in this article.


Holy gazooks… I wish I found this earlier today – this could have saved me 2 hours of browsing…
cheers for posting this. You okay with me sharing this?

Alice McCarty

Thank you!

Please feel free to share as long as Brand is referenced as the main source.


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