Why your recruitment and marketing team should work closely together

Traditionally, good business practice dictates that your marketing and recruitment departments should have little to do with each other. But in an era of intense competition from businesses the world over for top talent, you should use every available resource you have.

As such, here’s an insight into how you can make your hiring strategy stronger than ever.

recruitment and marketing

Communication is key

Marketing and human resources do share a common factor—communication. It’s important you promote teamwork within your company, and effective interaction is a major driving force in that.

It’s also essential in the fight to employ the best staff, as you want your reputation to precede applications.

If applicants already know who you are—via great word of mouth or your products or services—then it’s a major head start over your competitors.

And this means you need excellent branding. But your average recruitment budget won’t take that into much consideration. And one of the reasons for that is because it’s difficult to ascertain the ROI of employer branding.

But your online image is essential. Whether it’s Glassdoor reviews or your social media presence, the way you present your digital shop front is essential to impressing job candidates.

And how marketing and recruitment can work together is to cement the employer branding alongside your corporate image.

Consistency is key to ensure neither deviates away from the other.

But through your branding, and communication, you can reach candidates in the same way you do with customers. Which is how your marketing team—experts in getting a business seen—will help recruiters.

Perfecting your careers page

The chances are your employment landing page receives a lot of traffic from eager candidates.

And, for that reason alone, you want to make it capture the attention of potential candidates.

The page can showcase your brand image and company values. But it’s also where you talk up your latest roles.

And HR can turn to your marketing bods for essential insights. Whether it’s a copywriter to cover your job spec, or the SEO team to land strong ranking positions, recruitment and marketing can work in tandem to bring in the right applicants.

Idea realisation

Recruitment can have great ideas, but not always the resources or training to bring them to fruition.

So if HR has brainstormed some award-winning recruitment ideas, then it can turn to marketing to have this become a reality.

And this might include creating blog features, guest posts, videos, sourcing testimonials, or a social media campaign.

Whatever HR thinks of, then the chances are marketing has the knowhow to get the task done. The result? Excellent and eye-catching materials made with a recruiter’s knack for enticing candidates.

Make the most of social media

With the marketing team backing the business’ social accounts, HR can take advantage of this to have vacancies posted online.

Marketing can manage the flow of posts and feedback, whilst HR can add recruitment input into the content going out.

Here are a few tips on social media recruitment to inspire you.

Recruitment driven marketing

HR can rely on marketing to approach hiring from a strategic digital perspective.

Digital marketing campaigns are capable of being stunningly granular. You can post ads across social media, for instance, that will target specific demographics. This limits the amount of wasted time your business can have with unsuitable candidates making an application.

So HR can have access to the types of marketing targeting that, just a decade ago, would have been impossible to achieve.

And this, in turn for your business, also saves you money.

Shortening the hiring process

Ultimately, from your business point of view your HR and marketing departments can speed up your hiring process.

With the above tactics, you can cut out the filler and reach the best candidates more quickly.

You could even streamline the interviewing process using quick fire questions across your social accounts.

Some businesses are even going a step further to use chatbots to “talk” with candidates during the early phases of the recruitment process.

Futureproofing your hiring strategy

And with those chatbots in mind, marketers generally have their fingers on the pulse of essential trends in technology.

Many can be applied to recruiting new talent. And this can help to futureproof your recruitment goals, ensuring you stay with (and even ahead) of your competitors to land fresh talent.

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